02 November 2008

The Great Flood of '08

It's a good thing I love my kids more than anything in the world or this would be an ad for 2 preschoolers for sale instead of the flood story.
I was suffering from being a crabby patty yesterday so I really just wanted to lie down on the couch for a bit and relax. Leo is also relaxing on the couch. We can hear the kids playing in our bathroom which is directly behind the living room wall. I ask Leo if thinks they are playing with the tub faucet. Probably so as I can also hear the water running.
Leo gets up to get check out their mischief. The bedroom door is locked. He's knocking on the door, telling Sweet Girl to open it up. Finally she comes to the door, opens it and tells Leo 'Somethings wrong'.
Oh boy THAT was an understatement.
I hear Leo start yelling, somewhat making out the obscenities flying from the bathroom. It's a good thing Leo doesn't have one of those veins in his neck or head that pop out when he gets angry because it would have surely exploded with this episode.
The bathroom was flooded. There was over an inch of water in there.
The kids had turned the faucet around so when they turned on the water for the tub it was running on to the floor instead of INTO the bathtub.
Luckily Leo got a shop vac that also sucks up water for Christmas a few years ago. Within 10 minutes it was all up and I was trying to explain why this was not good to the kids.
Sweet Girl kept saying 'Little Man did it'. Little Man kept saying 'I do it! I do it!'.

The joys joys joys of parenthood...

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stephanie (bad mom) said...

Ohhhh, how tragic [yet funny], especially your Little Man so proud of himself...!