25 November 2008

Santa's Lack of Parts

We regularly use proper terms for body parts so we freely use the words penis and vagina without embarrassment. Sweet Girl will also be one of those kids who will proudly proclaim that girls have a vagina and boys have a penis. So it should come as no surprise that she noted the following observation.

My parents have one of those Polar Express Santa Claus’ from Hallmark. Sweet Girl was playing with it and tells my Dad “Look the batteries go in his butt and he doesn’t have a penis”. They were kind of stunned by her observation and laughed.

So I expect that one day we’ll be looking at a store and she’ll proclaim something similar. I tell ya nothing gets past this kid.


Michelle said...

ohmygoodnesss! That is SO funny

Basha's Mama said...

Well I don't use the "real" words yet but I have had Sami clarify to other shoppers that I don't have a "peeper" while we were shopping in Krogers. Good times.

Crystal said...

We use the real words at our house too...my 4 yr old hasn't really started pointing things out on other people. She'll say things like "No one is allowed to touch my vagina, and if anyone touches it, I will tell you." (we talk about this frequently...never can be too careful) But I believe we were at the dinner table once and she had to go around saying what each one of us had...so we got to hear about 5 vaginas...not sure if she knew the word penis when we got to Dad, but I'm sure we told her what it was called at that time. hehe

Crystal said...

Oh...and in response to your comment on my post...THREE levels of SOWs??? That makes my brain hurt.