03 November 2008

I Hate A Monday

I just hate Mondays. Blech is what I have to say about them. I really do not like having to get up and get ready for work when it's still dark outside. The sun isn't really coming up until after 6:30 which is when I should already be at work but lately it's been when I LEAVE for work...so yes I'm a little late.
This morning was especially difficult because the sheets were just changed last night and they were just the right temperature (cool!!) and I was so comfy that I wanted to just throw the alarm clock when it went off.

I really would like to take a few months off of work and get my life and thoughts organized. I live in a continuous state of feeling behind, overwhelmed and just getting by. I am sure every other mom feels this way too. I just feel a couple months off to get my thoughts and life in order would do me and my family so much good. But unless we win the lottery I'm not sure when this will happen and so I'll have to figure out how to get this done with everything else I need to do on a daily basis.

Only 3 more weeks and we'll be back in Tennessee for a while and that will be a good break!

We did have a good weekend, it was very busy and lots of fun! We enjoyed Chuck E Cheese (who really could have turned their air conditioning down because Lord it was hot in there) and Sweet Girl had a good birthday and got lots of girly loot. We'll have the official family celebration on Wednesday, where she will get MORE gifts!

And even though Monday's suck...the weather this week is turning Danielle friendly! Woohooo...Finally!!


San Diego Momma said...

I'm OK with Mondays now that I work from home...

And I CAN'T WAIT until it turns autumnal here in SoCal.
It's been way to hot for my Midwestern self.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy we laughed and laughed cause we hadn't read the blog for the past few days you sure an entertaining writer.

Anonymous said...

To create the perfect trifecta of sheets, climate and softness...try bamboo sheets. You will quit your job!! When you come back to Nashville, I will do whatever it takes to at least 'grace you with our presence.'

Anonymous said...

Angela B. is the 2nd anonymous. I had a brain fart and this stupid thing would not let me sign in.