04 November 2008

I Voted

I voted today. I did my duty and it only took an hour! Even though they were paper ballots that I had to fill in with a felt tip pen. Hopefully they are not manually counted...
So now it begins....the wait.
Hopefully we have some solid news before I need to go to bed.

If you voted. Good for you.

Everyone should vote!!! Even if you're not the "political" type, do you realize what kind of right this is??

Aside from voting Tuesday, it's the eve of Sweet Girls (and my) birthday. We'll be heading to the store to arm her with cup cakes to bring to her class tomorrow. I would like to make them but we can't, they HAVE to be store bought {insert my rolling eyes here}. I'm also debating taking the day off. It would be nice to have a leisurely day.


Basha's Mama said...

Store bought only rule? How retarded is that. That's like when they tried to tell me that I couldn't bring Sami's lunch unless it was in a sealed jar. What about mom's that make home-made baby food? I eventually won that battle even though I don't make home-made baby food. :)

Crystal said...

Yeah, the whole "store bought" thing has come about in the last couple years. I fortunately got a few good years of making things for my oldest daughter's class before they brought the hammer down. hehe HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

And I'm going to vote as soon as my hubby gets home.

Hun said...

store bought rule?? That's dumb! Don't they realize there is more of a chance of their being traces of nuts in store bought than homemade??? Are they scared some psycho mom iwll try to kill them oall??LOL