14 November 2008

It Didn't Come Fast Enough...

But finally it's here...Friday...big sigh...Thank goodness. But at least it's enjoyable with the Friday Fill-ins!

1. Please feel free to give me as much money as you would like.

2. When I open a new package of scotch tape or a sticky note I can't help sniffing it occasionally.

3. My favorite thing to cook is I prefer to bake and I love to make pies.

4. Sweet kisses from Little Man is something I can't get enough of.

5. That's the thing I love most about being married.

6. Kids who wear their pants in the middle of their butt always makes me think to myself, what the heck?

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing after a crappy week, tomorrow my plans include being a rebel with Leo and going to a Matisyahu concert and Sunday, I want to do nothing but relax and start reading Twilight to prepare myself for Thursday! Woohoo!


Amber said...

Scotch Tape smell, oooh, I haven't thought about that in a while.
Yay for little Mr. kisses!
Sounds like a great weekend, hope you enjoy yourself, have a Happy Friday!

Janet said...

sticky notes? Really? Thanks for playing!

Michelle said...

i was thinking the same thing .....sticky notes?! that's so funny! Everytime my sister gets a new book she smells it! heehee