19 November 2008

I Think It's Wednesday, Right?

Wednesday right? Two days until we fly out. One day until Twilight. Woohoo.
The suitcases are down and certain categories from the spreadsheet are checked off.
And I feel like crap. Why the hell did I get the flu vaccine anyway? Ugh. I was really hoping I would feel better by today. But not the case. {sigh} Since we got the nasal spray it's a weakend live vaccine, and lucky me I got most of the potential side effects. Yay me. I guess better me than one of the kids.
I want to go back to bed but I have 9 hours of workday ahead of me. Then the kids get home.
I need to go find the sudafed and advil. Have a great day. :)

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Crystal said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling crappy...hopefully you'll feel better before you fly out. I think I've only gotten the flu vaccine once in my adult life...don't think I've ever got the flu during the years I didn't get it. But I'm sure now that I say that, I'll get it this year. bleh. Hope you feel better soon!