06 November 2008

My Debut

Well my friends I have added a new endeavor to my life (like I don't have enough going on with two small kids!!). I have become a Heritage Makers consultant. I found them when I was shopping at a consignment sale. They allow you to create heirloom quality books and cards and other neat stuff. I was so impressed by the books that I mulled over becoming a consultant for a while and then I finally decided I would do it because I was really excited about the books. I have always wanted to be a scrapbooker and I even have all the stuff but I just never had the time or energy to pull it out and get going. With Heritage Makers I just upload my pictures and away I go dragging and dropping my photos, adding my memories so it's all custom to me. There are amazing templates that people have designed already so your options are endless because you can still modify the template! They are then printed in a hardback, linen stitched book that will keep your memories alive for ages!

I really felt like this was something I wanted to do because I have so many pictures of the kids and have so many other ideas for books. And their Christmas Card designs are cool! So I'll be using them for my Christmas cards this year. I'm really excited.

I know alot of you who read the blog are probably computer savvy and prefer to do things online...I know that's me! And you:
  • Have kids
  • Have pictures
  • Taken an amazing trip
  • Have some family stories that are legendary
Or More? I bet you do!
Well I urge you to check out the site and create your books! As they say, every story deserves it's own book!

I also started a blog so I can post some examples and some tips and tricks. Check out the blog, there is an awesome Christmas template out there right now: A Storybook For You!

Have more questions, visit the site or shoot me an email. I will be happy and excited to hear about your stories and ideas for projects and help you get setup!

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LarryG said...

this is very interesting -
we all have a strong biographical impulse - and to be able to express it