24 November 2008

The Twilight Post

Well I made it until midnight. I even stayed awake the entire movie. But really did I think I was going to fall asleep? Ah no. I had my Team Edward shirt on and in a way felt like a total dork but hey I was going all out for this my first midnight movie experience. We got there at 7:00 PM. Note the PM because we were at the end of the line that was wrapped around 3 sides of the building. The people at the beginning of the line were there at 10:30 AM. Yes AM. That is a little nuts if you ask me. They had chairs, sleeping bags, games and enough entertainment to keep them busy for the next 12 hours.
I thought arriving at 7:00 PM would be early enough, well I was wrong an obvious rookie midnight movie goer mistake. But it turned out ok because our seats were pretty kick ass. We were center theater and at just the right spot up. Perfect seating. And I didn’t have to wait 12 hours. Wonder how those people felt knowing others also got good seats? We got in our seats at about 9:30 so we still had about 2 ½ hours to wait. I was kind of unsure that I was going to be able to stay awake at this point. I was tired. And I wanted to be in bed. But there was an underlying excitement that kept me awake.
The movie was good. I think everyone will be sad that their favorite parts were not in the movie but how do you fit a 400 page book into 2 hours without leaving something out. I did think they rushed the movie a bit and could have tacked on 30 mins or so and spent more time on a couple areas. But overall I was satisfied and I would see it again. And will probably get the DVD and watch it again. The book will always be better in my opinion but I haven’t met a movie yet that topped the book.

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