10 November 2008

Yet Another Monday

I'll open with a big sigh because I just don't want to be at work today. Well really that's every day but Monday's are worse. We had a nice weekend. I had a fun girls night out on Friday, I consumed too much and paid for it Saturday. I'm old and out of practice. By Saturday late afternoon I was feeling more human. Needless to say, I will be really limiting my consumption at future outings because the next day is just not worth it anymore.

Sunday was our anniversary and we went to dinner and desert and ate WAY too much food. So much that you were uncomfortable and asking yourself what the hell was I thinking eating all that. I think I ate so much yesterday it was insane. I haven't eaten that much food in I have no idea how long.

Only 10 more days until I pull my crazy Twilight late night viewing!! I am getting really excited and will be reading the book again in the next few days.

Sweet Girl is loving her barbie birthday presents. We have the Diamond Castle Barbies and they sing now when you press their hand. Ask Leo he knows the song, he sings it a lot. It's kind of weird. Jeez my barbies were kind of boring compared to the new ones. So now she wants all the stuff that goes along with it. The prince, the dogs, the castle, etc. So maybe this will make Christmas gift buying easy! We'll see if she still wants them in a couple weeks.

Little Man has snot. And I wiped his nose the other day he looked at me and says 'Is that my snot?' I replied yes and chuckled. He is very funny. And then I gave him some benadryl and Leo asked me why I was giving it to him, I replied to Leo 'Because of his runny nose'. Little Man then looks as Leo and says 'Yeah it's for my nose.'

And lastly, I don't often write about football, but how about those Titans!!! Yay 9-0!!!!! That is so awesome, I'm glad we could have that effect on them. We move and they play awesome. Figures. Hopefully they go all the way and win the Superbowl. Go Titans!!

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San Diego Momma said...

I remember when the big thing was the Barbie Penthouse (remember the "elevator" attached by string?). That is SO lame now compared to what they got for sale these days.

And I'm glad you're over your hangover. I'm the same way. (Not that it stops me.)